4IN Hoya Callistophylla

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3IN Hoya Callistophylla fully rooted in chunky soil mix


Hoya Callistophylla is an epiphytic tropical climbing species native to Borneo. At full size this plant can grow to a length of 5 metres, a perfect plant for anyone who wants their plants to take over their home. The lanceolate, thick leaves can grow to 25cm in length and feature spectacular veins. With maturity the plant produces clusters of star shaped fragrant flowers.

Hoya Callistophylla like all members of the Hoya family are very kind to their owners, requiring less frequent watering and attention than other tropical indoor plants. They prefer not to have wet feet, so must be kept in a well draining potting mix, preferably a Hoya specific mix. Additionally, Hoya do not need to be re-potted often as they prefer to be pot bound due to their epiphytic nature. Give them a warm, bright and medium-humidity environment and your Hoya will give your years of love in return.


• Light: Perfect for bright, indirect light
• Water: Drought tolerant. Water when the top 1-2" of soil feels dry to the touch
• Considerations: Use a well-draining soil, and select a planter with drainage. Pet friendly!

**If you are shipping to an area with weather below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, please consider adding a heat pack to your purchase to ensure that plants don't freeze in transit. Shipping is at your own risk. Click here to add a heat pack

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